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You Should Be Buying Used

As a parent, we have a lot of jobs. One of them is making sure that the budget is balanced. This can be easier said than done however, but many of the budget problems that we face are self imposed. A common mistake many make is buying new when they could buy used. Here are some examples of purchases you are better off making from the used market.

1) Baby Toys

We all know how expensive baby toys are and how quickly our children outgrow them. By taking care of these kid expenses on the used market, you can easily save 50 percent or more over the new price. Then, when your child outgrows the toys, simply sell them to the same place that you bought them. It is like leasing toys.

Where To Buy

The best selection of baby toys can be found at baby resale stores. You will usually find a wide selection of toys and clothing, plus they will buy back your item when you are done.

2) Designer Clothing

For the basics of daily wear, shop regular retail, but buy special outfits on the used market and save a fortune. Why spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit that you or your children will only wear once. Buy it used and then resell it, just like you would with used kids toys.

Buying used designer clothing is little risk because people typically take great care of these items. Just be sure to check the clothing thoroughly for any stains or loose stitching.

Where To Buy

Used clothing stores like Plato’s closet. There is usually at least one in every town.

3) Exercise Equipment

Have you made it a goal to lose the Dad or Mom bod? Good for you, but that does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on exercise equipment. Buy used and cut your costs in half or more.

Although the pandemic has caused an increase in the value of used exercise gear, you can still get some great deals. Considering that 50 percent of people will give up on a new exercise regime, you can imagine just how much equipment is out there.

Where To Buy

Craigslist is king for this kind of gear if you want it cheap. Just be sure to use caution and always meet in a public space.

4) Sporting Goods

Just like with exercise programs, people quit sports all of the time. That or they simply outgrow their current sporting good gear and need to make an upgrade. In either case, people usually want to unload their merchandise quickly and they will do so at a huge discount over retail.

Where To Buy

You can spend all day searching the classifieds for that specific item or you can hit the sporting good resellers. Stores like Play It Again Sports stock a little bit of everything and you are almost sure to find what you need.

5) Technology

If you do not have to be on the cusp of the tech world, you would do well buying the last generation of tech gear used. Manufacturers, especially Apple, are constantly running out new versions of tech products for you to buy. Before you even get the cell phone out of the package, a new version will be in R&D. Don’t fall for the new tech game. Save hundreds of dollars a year by simply being a generation behind on your technology, you will hardly notice the difference.

Where To Buy

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best sources of used tech. With this kind of purchase, you need to find trustworthy people and while there are scammers on Facebook, there seem to be less than on other websites.

6) Furniture

There is a huge markup on furniture in the store and it is hardly worth paying because there is also huge immediate depreciation. Instead of taking on this expense, buy used. Used bedroom suites, dining furniture and even patio sets are plentiful on the market. The only caveat is that you need to be careful with upholstered furniture and mattresses should probably be avoided.

Where To Buy

Garage sales are fantastic sources of used furniture for cheap. Just be prepared with cash and a way to transport it immediately. Most sellers will not hold items for you.

7) Automobiles

There is just something about that new car smell. It let’s you know that you have really drained your checkbook by not shopping the pre-owned market.

Instead of taking the huge initial depreciation that you get with a new vehicle, shop the used market. Even if you are particular about what you buy, with patience, you can find the perfect vehicle for you.

Where To Buy

Used car lots about and make it easy for you to make your purchase. Car dealers like Carmax even take all of the negotiation out of the deal. If you really want to save though, it pays to go directly to the seller and skip the middle man markup.


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