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Work From Home? Lucky You!

The number of parents with the ability to work from home has skyrocketed over the last few years. I guess we can actually thank the pandemic for this one thing, because working from home is awesome as a parent. If you are new to the work from home life or are considering it, take a look at some of the benefits.

The benefits of working from home are many as a parent. Have a look at some great things you can expect to enjoy when you ditch the office.

1) No Commuting

How much of the typical workers day is wasted on the road? Quite a bit.

If you are new to working from home, the first thing that you will really notice is how much more time you have every day. Eliminating your commute could save you as much as 2 hours a day. What can you do with this time?

No commute has other benefits as well. You save money on gas, might qualify for discounts on auto insurance and you will be putting far less miles on your vehicle. When you trade in your car or truck next time, having a low mileage vehicle can put thousands of dollars in your pocket.

2) Flexible Schedule

As a parent, flexibility is a wonderful thing. As you know, things are always problems that come up with your family. It could be a doctors appointment, a parent/teacher meeting or a surprise last minute illness.

In the past, when something surprising happens, you would have to rearrange a work schedule and possibly be forced to take a sick day. Now, as an at home worker, you can simply handle the problem. In most cases, work from home schedules are so flexible that taking time off is not even required.

3) Personalized Work Spaces

Tired of the boring corporate feel of your office? As a work from home parent, you can make your office just what you want it to be. You have final approval on all design changes.

If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated home office, you can make it exactly as you have always pictured. Choose the paint you want, the furniture that you find comfortable and, of course, line the walls with plenty of family pictures.

Even if you can not have a dedicated work space, you can still choose your favorite room in your home to work in. It is sure to be much more enjoyable than that old corporate space. Plus, no corporate setting means you do not have to wear a mask.

4) More Productive While Working

Once you work from home, you will soon find out what many employers have found. Stay at home workers are often more productive. No wasted time traveling back and forth or socializing in the break room. You will be able to get right to work and get it done fast. And, since you will be at home, all of that saved time will belong to you and not your employer. It is more motivation to just get things done.

5) More Available Jobs

If you love where you live, you are stuck with working around your home. That gives you a finite amount of employers to choose from when it is time to find a new job or move up in the world.

Working from home opens up a world of opportunities, literally. All of a sudden, you can apply for any job around the world, just as long as they are willing to allow you to work remote. This possibility improves your employ-ability, hopefully allowing you to find a job that you love more and that pays much better.

Wrapping Up

For most people, working from home will be the best thing that ever happened to them. It will free up hours of extra time every week and can potentially put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket. As a parent, those two things are priceless.

Sure, some people may miss the camaraderie that they had at work, but there is always Facetime and Zoom.

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