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Should You Buy Your Kid A Tablet?

One thing that our kids are growing up with but that we lacked is technology. This brings up a problem as to when to expose your child to this technology. One of the most popular items on the list is the tablet, but should you buy one for your child? Let’s look at some pros and cons.

Everyone is different when it comes to technology. Some of us want to keep our children’s life simple, while others fully embrace the tech future that their children will have. For those of you on the fence, here are some pros and cons of giving your kiddo a tablet.

Tablet Pros

Why not start with the positive aspects of buying your young child a tablet to work and play on.

They Become Tech Savvy

We all know that you have to be tech savvy in this world we are living in and it is not going to get any easier for our children. They need to be not only fluent with technology, but masters of it. The earlier kids get technology in their hands, the better they will be.

Most Of Their Friends Have Them

No, you obviously should not do something out of peer pressure, but there is something to be said for fitting in. If all of your kid’s friends have tablets, they may feel awkward without one.

Tablets Are Learning Tools

Used properly, a tablet can be an excellent education tool. There are a number of great apps out there such as ABC Mouse that can help your kids develop important reading and math skills.

Tablet Cons

Now for the negatives of tablets in the hands of kids, because there definitely are a few.

There Are Privacy Concerns

It can be very hard to monitor our children’s activity online and access to tablets makes it that much harder. With constant access to the internet, you can never truly be sure what your child is up to.

Tablets Are Expensive

Yes, there are some devices that can be purchased for 100 to 200 dollars, but they have limited productivity. If you want a device with some processing power that will keep working for years to come, you will need to lay out at least three times that price.

Fragility Is An Issue

Tablets are obviously very fragile, so you have to consider how long one will last in the hands of a child.

Which Tablet To Buy?

So, let’s say that you decided to give your child a tablet to work and play on. Which one is the right one to give them. Obviously, most children will want the iPad, which is the top of the line tablet, but is that the right choice? Maybe not. Here are some things to thing about.


Your first consideration should be the price of the tablet in relation to the age of your child. The younger the child, the cheaper the tablet should be. Handing an eight year old a 100 dollar Fire device is a lot less threatening than handing them a 1000 dollar iPad Pro.


This is another important variable to consider. What does the device need to do? If you have a young child and they simply need to access a few learning apps, almost any device will do the trick. If they will be doing school work and other higher demand functions, you might want to consider a higher end iPad or Samsung device.


Lastly, consider durability. Some devices will just hold up better than others, so how long do you need this device to last for? If you want it to last for years to come, an iPad device may be the preferred choice as they have proven to be durable over the long term.

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