Saving On Diapers

As a new parent, you will quickly become aware of just how pricey that little bundle of joy will become. Although they are most certainly worth every penny, saving money, for most of us at least, will become a very large priority.

Diapers rank high up on the list of baby costs, second only to formula, and thus should be one of your first areas of interest when looking to save money. Lucky for you, there are lots of ways to save on this expense. Just take a look.

1) Get Free Diapers From The Manufacturer

Diapers are a big business and a competitive one at that. Manufacturers will do just about anything to get you hooked on their brand. They know that most parents, once they find a diaper they like, are extremely loyal. That means years and years of diaper purchases. It also means that it is worth sending out a few samples

Simply visit as many manufacturer websites you can and sign up for their mailing lists. Then, take it a step further and email customer service inquiring about sample products. If you are lucky, you can score samples from all of the different manufacturers.  If not, you should at least be able to profit from some terrific coupons.

2) Score Samples From Your Doctor

Every time you visit your doctor, you should be coming home with diapers. The diaper reps are always visiting doctors offices and leaving samples, you merely have to ask for them.

If you are nice, you will probably score more than your fair share of them as well. Just because reps are giving doctors samples to hand out does not mean that the nurses are doing so. Chances are that they have a closet full of them. Be the good patient and ask nicely and you might go home with a score

3) Network With Other Parents

A few things is true about babies. They will not stop eating, pooping and growing. You could be saving money on diapers by networking with some other parents. What happens when that baby suddenly moves up to the next size in diaper? The parent is likely left with dozens of diapers that are just too small. Be there to scoop them up.

The best way to be able to do this is to participate in Facebook parents groups. Be active and you might just be the first one to claim the jackpot when a parent posts an offering. These groups are great for other reasons as well. Baby meet ups, tips, advice and the ability to just vent to the people that are going through the same stuff you are.

4) Trade Toys For Diapers

After the baby shower is over, you will almost certainly be left with quite a haul. Not all of it should be kept however. Just how many rattles or pull string ducks does your baby need? Don’t feel guilty in bringing these gifts back to the store and exchanging them for necessities like diapers. Your baby will never miss the toy (they have plenty anyway) and your checking account will be all the better for the return.

5) Never Open Boxes Early

The worst mistake that you can make is opening your boxes of diapers before you actually need them. Sure, you probably have the urge to get things nice and organized on the shelf but don’t.

Babies outgrow diapers all of the time and  you never really know if you will need that new box opened. What if you open all of your diapers and baby moves up a size or you are given some free diapers? You could potentially be stuck with diapers that you can not use. But, if the box was never opened, you can return them and exchange them for the new size you need.

6) Buy The Good Brand

It seems like it would be contrary to to saving on diapers, but buying the name brand may just be the better choice, in the long run. I have never found a store brand that I really like. They do not wick moisture away as well and do not hold as much of it. That requires more frequent diaper changes and thus more diapers.

Another big problem with generic store brands is that they often leak. You will pay more than you save in clothing replacement.

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