Saving money on hair shapoo.
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Saving Money On Shampoo

Shampoo, are we really talking about shampoo and saving money?

Absolutely, I want to save money on everything and if you use a good shampoo like me, it can get rather expensive quick. Especially if you fall for that “rinse and repeat” gimmick. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can save big on your shampoo costs.

  1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Daily
    A lot of people do what they call “no poo” which sounds bad but it just means not washing their hair with shampoo. You might not want to go that route, but you can skip the daily shampoo. Your hair does not necessarily need to be washed every day. Switching to every other day shampoos can double the life your bottle and might even help restore some of your hairs natural balance.
  2. Use The Right Amount
    This is one of the biggest money wasters when it comes to shampoo. You are likely using too much of it. A little shampoo really goes a long way, in fact, for most shampoos, you only need a nickle size drop in your hand to get the job done. That is far less than most people use. Just using the right amount of shampoo can more than double the life of a bottle.
  3. Use A Pump
    Now that you know to only use a nickle sized drop of shampoo, how do you measure that amount. When you pour it from the dispenser, it is far too easy to over pour. A pump dispenser makes it much easier to portion.
    If your favorite shampoo does not come with one, buy a bottle and pump at the beauty store and transfer your shampoo over. You can then just refill your dispenser as needed. This also allows you to get every drop of shampoo out of the original bottle.
  4. Price Shop
    Prices can vary greatly on shampoo, so pay attention to who has the best price and buy it religiously there. In many cases Walmart will be the discount leader, but not always. Check Amazon from time to time for hot deals, you might be surprised. If you spot a deal, buy a few bottles and stock up.
  5. Don’t Be A Brand Loyalist
    You might think that the big name brand shampoo will always be the best, but you might be surprised. Shampoo is designed to cleanse your hair and remove grease. It doesn’t take a lot of fancy chemistry to accomplish that goal. Many times the only difference between the name brand and the generic is the name on the bottle.
  6. Stock Up
    Usually it pays to buy the bigger bottle. If it does not fit well in your shower, simply transfer the contents to another bottle. Check the tags at the store to compare the per ounce price and get the bottle that is the best deal. That will almost always be the bigger bottle.

There you go, 6 easy ways to save money on shampoo. Is it big money? No, but every dollar counts when you are minding your budget.

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