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Save Money On A Clean House

When it comes to saving money, every penny counts. Save a little here and a little there and before you know it, you have a noticeable savings to show for your work. Housekeeping expenses are one of those areas where little savings can add up to a lot.

Take a look at some simple ways that you can save money on all of those expenses.

  1. Do It Yourself
    Obviously, eliminating the house cleaner and doing housework yourself will save you a great deal of money, but there may be more that you can do. Carpet cleaning and window cleaning for example. With a little online research, you can be experts at both.
  2. Use Coupons
    The cleaning supply market is a competitive one and manufacturers will do everything that they can to earn your business. This means coupons are plentiful. If you still get a Sunday paper, check the coupon section, but also look directly at the manufacturers website. If they have an e-club, sign up for it and you will likely get discounts in your email box.
  3. Price Shop
    Prices at stores vary widely, so be sure to price shop. Stores like Walmart are often the best price, but not always. Be sure to also look at the dollar store for deals and if you find one, stock up. Cleaning supplies will never go bad.
  4. Use The Right Amount
    We tend to overuse things like floor cleaner. Use the manufacturers suggested amount or perhaps even a little less. Using your cleaning supplies in moderation can double their life.
  5. Make Your Own Cleaners
    There are all kinds of recipes for home made cleaners online. They cost a fraction of the price of commercial cleaners and are often more natural. One such cleaner is vinegar and water. It is cheap and can be used for everything from disinfecting to cleaning windows.
  6. Use A Clothes Line
    People have really gotten away from the good old fashioned clothes line but you should consider it. It saves a considerable amount of gas and/or electricity compared to using a clothes dryer and it will make your clothes last much longer.
  7. Save The Newspaper
    Old newspaper or even paper mail circulars are great for window cleaning. They are free and will not leave lint on the window like paper towels.
  8. Watch Out For Gimmicks
    A lot of the cleaning products out there look great on TV but fail to perform at home. Keep that in mind before you shell out good money on something that will let you down. If you have 3 kids and a dog, for example, don’t count on those pre-moistened floor cleaning pads to work very well.
  9. Share A Cleaning Tool
    Those home carpet cleaners are great, but they sure are expensive, for a good one at least. Why not go halfsies with a friend or family member?
  10. Set A Cleaning Schedule
    Maintaining a home is much easier and cheaper than letting things get out of hand. If you keep your home clean, you will likely use less money on maintenance than you would on restoration.

Pretty easy right? The above tips will not save you a fortune, but they could add up to a pretty penny when you look at things from an annual spend point of view. Just $20 a month in cleaning cost savings will add up to over $200 by the end of the year.

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