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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Ready to lose that baby weight? Here are 4 ways that you can shed the pounds quickly and get back into pre baby form.

There is one thing that is certain about pregnancy, you are going to gain weight. Some are fortunate enough to gain a little while others, maybe through a little indulgence, gain a lot. No worries, it just comes with the territory and that baby in your arms is well worth it.

Still, there will come a point after child birth where your thoughts turn to getting back into pre baby shape. Unless you are one of those genetic freaks that can seemingly bounce back in weeks, you need a plan. Here are a few proven ways that you can get drop some pounds after child birth without even counting calories.



You probably know how important breastfeeding is for your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies are exclusively breast fed for the first 6 months of life. Your breast milk is the perfect blend of nutrients and it also contains your antibodies. That means that your baby will be able to better fend off bacteria and viruses. Beyond that, breastfeeding has been linked to everything from reduced chances of diabetes to higher IQ scores.

It is easy to see how breast feeding is good for baby, but how can it help you lose weight? Breastfeeding can burn as much as 500 calories a day. That is 1 pound a week or 4 pounds a month. With proper diet, over the course of 6 months of breastfeeding, you could lose 24 pounds. Not bad for doing something that is so very good for your child.

Intermittent Fasting

The idea behind intermittent fasting is to only eat for a small period of the day, usually a 4-6 hour window. The rest of the time you fast. For example, you might fast until 5PM and then eat whatever you want between 5PM and 9PM. Then at 9PM, you stop eating for the day.

It might sound funny to some but it works. During the daytime, your body will learn to burn its own fuel reserves (fat) for energy. Then at night you can stock back up.

This is so much better than straight dieting because it eliminates the weak spot in diets, nighttime. Most of us can be good during the day and then the cravings hit us at night. Since you can eat at night with IF, you eliminate the weak spot in your diet, plus, you go to bed full which should help you sleep better.

For bet results with IF, try to eat a healthy mix of food at night. This means veggies and healthy fats. Don’t think that IF gives you the right to eat a whole sleeve of Chips Ahoy.


The Keto diet is based on the theory, and a very good one, that the food pyramid is wrong. We really do not need all of those servings of grain and we probably should be eating a lot more fat. This will sound odd to most people since that food pyramid was taught to us in school and beat into our heads for years.

The fact is though that since the food pyramid was introduced both obesity and diabetes cases have increased greatly. Look at it this way. You have fat, protein and carbohydrates and you only need 2 of these things to live. Cut out fat, you die. Cut out protein, you die. Cut out carbs and you are just fine, although your body will need some time to adjust.

Most people find that, on Keto, they feel fuller longer and actually lose weight without cutting calories. Learn more about a beginners Keto diet here.

Daily Activity

Last but not least, you have adding more activity into your day. One reason that women often gain weight after pregnancy is lack of activity. Yes, taking care of a baby is difficult, but you might not realize how much less you are actually moving around. The stress of raising a child understandably makes you just want to veg out on the couch between diapers. In addition, many mothers are also transitioning from a full time job to stay at home status and this likely means a whole lot less moving around.

Simply adding in a few miles of walking or bike riding every day can work wonders. Purchase a jogging stroller (cheap on Craigslist) or a bike with a trailer and hit the pavement.

Weather not hospitable enough for outdoor exercise? Take up yoga, Pilates or just start streaming some free online workouts. You will likely find that adding just 20 or 30 minutes of light exercise into your daily routine allows you to lose weight without counting calories. You’ll reduce your stress level as well.

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