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Making Masks Fun For Kids

Like it or not, Covid is here to stay and mask wearing in some form or another will remain a part of our life. This can be a tough pill to swallow for young children who just do not understand what the big deal is with the little virus. If you are struggling to explain mask wearing, take a look at some ways to make mask wearing more fun.

Why Do We Wear Masks?

So, why do we wear masks in the first place? The obvious reason is to slow down the spread of the virus, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Make People Comfortable

Some people are far more concerned about Covid than others, we have certainly learned that. For those taking the virus seriously, being around others is uncomfortable at best. Mask wearing, especially in tight quarters can make them more comfortable. In a polite society, sometimes we have to do things for others.

Get Back To Living

Masks are freedom. They let us get back to activities that were unthinkable a year ago. Activities where being in close proximity is unpreventable, like standing in line at an amusement park or simply shopping for groceries. These are possible because of masks.

Some Can Not Be Vaccinated

Just because you have been vaccinated does not mean that mask wearing is over. You can still spread the virus, but not get sick from it. That might be fine for you, but remember that there is a significant part of the population that can not get vaccinated. Some are allergic to vaccines and others are simply under the age of 5, you might know some of them.

MakingĀ  Masks More Fun

No matter how well you make the case for mask wearing to your kid, they still have to want to wear them. That may not be easy, so here are some ideas that may help.

Get Fun Designs

One of the best ways to make masks fun to wear is by making the mask itself fun. Have masks with cartoon characters and creative designs that your kids will love. If you want to take it a step further, get some fabric and make masks match outfits. By making your masks more attractive and fun to wear, you more easily integrate them into daily life and in some ways make them entertaining for kids.

Let Them Choose

When kids have input on a situation, they are more likely to participate. If your child is resistant to mask wearing it might be because their decisions are being made for them. Take your child to a store or go online and let them pick out some masks themselves. If they love the mask and get input on it, they are more likely to put it on.

Buy Good Masks

Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. With masks, quality also counts. Better masks will be easier to breath in and will be more comfortable to wear, so spend a few more bucks and go for quality.

Practice Mask Wearing

Let your child wear the mask around the house as practice. The more that something is used, the more commonplace it will become. Before they know it, they will forget they are even wearing one.

Lead By Example

Finally, lead by example. Kids learn so much about life by watching us. When they see you wearing a mask in public situations, they understand that it is a requirement and not an option.

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