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Just Lucky To Be Alive

Do you remember all of the baby gear that your parents had you using when you were young? Do you know how much of it is ow deemed unsafe and should not be used? Quite a bit of it actually so you may be fortunate to just be alive. Let’s take a look at some of the gear that could have killed you as a kid and go over why these items should no longer be used.

1) Walkers

These seem like great little devices that should be able to do a lot of good. After all, they get your baby off the floor and in an upright position. This should make the transition to walking easier shouldn’t it.

The Problem

There are two main problems with this device. The first one is that research has shown that walkers may actually slow a child’s development. The second problem is that they give too much mobility to a child that is not ready for it. Thousands of kids have hurled themselves down flights of stairs and ended up in the emergency room or worse. If you had one and survived, consider yourself lucky.

The Alternative

A secure baby activity station is a better alternative. Just make sure that it is sturdy and immobile and your baby can use it to pull themselves up and support their bodies as they learn to stand.

2) Fluffy Crib Blankets

There used to be a time when no crib was complete without an attractive bedding set complete with skirt, bumpers and a big comfy blanket. Who knew that our parents were setting us up for a case of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The Problem

The problem with these cotton death traps is that your baby can roll over and suffocate in all of that padding. With limited muscle control and strength, it does not take much for an infant to become stuck in something as simple as a blanket.

The Alternative

As an alternative to a blanket, dress your baby for comfort. The best option would be a comfy onesie and controlling the temperature with the HVAC system. As for the crib bumpers and pillows, just skip them.

3) Drop Side Cribs

It seemed like such a great idea. Make a crib with a side that drops down which will make laying baby to bed and picking them up so much easier. In addition, just imagine how simple it will be to change the sheets with this handy little feature. Who would have thought that using one was like putting your child in a wooden guillotine.

The Problem

Because the drop down side can often accidentally drop, there is the possibility of your baby becoming trapped in the moving crib wall. This is why these cribs ere banned in 2011 after numerous incidents.

The Alternative

If you still happen to have one of these dinosaurs, the best option would be to replace it with a simple, modern crib. If you must use one, contact the manufacturer for a kit to immobilize the sliding side wall.

4) Bath Seats

Designed to position your baby upright in a standard bath tub, these little devices should be a savior for parents. They make bath time easier and at first glance, you would think they make bath time a lot safer too.

The Problem

False security is the issue with these little seats. Parents get the impression that their babies are safe and secure when in actuality, they can easily tip themselves over and into the tub. With less movement than you might think, baby will be on their side and in real trouble if unattended.

The Alternative

A standard hard plastic bath tub is a much better solution. It is the right size for baby and as long as your child is not left unattended, it is the safest bet for bath time.

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