Cleaning windows on a house while saving time.

House Cleaning Hacks To Save You Time

Nobody likes to clean their house, but unless you have a maid service, the job lands on you. This does not mean that you have to spend hours cleaning your home however. Here are some hacks that can help you cut your house cleaning time down to size.

Clean Smart Clean Fast

If it’s time to take out the vacuum cleaner, mop, and other cleaning supplies, we have got some tips to make your job easier and save you time house cleaning.

1. Clean as you go.

Cleaning as you go is one of the easiest ways to keep your home clean. It also prevents clutter from piling up and making it harder to find things later on. Simply put, what this means is clean it up as you mess it up. If you use a dish, rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. If you spill something on the floor, immediately wipe it up. By putting these minor tasks off, you make house cleaning a major task.

2. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

A good vacuum cleaner is worth the investment because it makes vacuuming so much easier. Wit house cleaning, vacuuming takes up a large part of your time. A quality vacuum will work better and faster. It will have better tools, self adjust to different surfaces and have a longer power cord to save you time.

3. Declutter often.

Clutter makes cleaning harder because you have to work around things. A wide open room is far easier to clean than one stuffed with furniture.

4. Have a schedule.

Stay on top of your cleaning by having a schedule. Make a plan to clean certain rooms on certain days and stick to it.

Clean Your House In Less Than An Hour

Now, let’s put together all of the tips above with some basics on how to clean efficiently.

1. Work from top to bottom.

Always start at the top to avoid getting lower surfaces dirty. For example, you wouldn’t want to vacuum the floor and then clean the ceiling fan.

2. Have a plan.

Have a clear cut plan to follow to keep you from bouncing from task to task. One example is to start with the wet areas, then living areas and then bedrooms.

3. Recruit help when possible.

If you have kids, get them involved in the simpler tasks. Taking out the trash, folding the laundry and even cleaning windows. These are simple things that kids can do that will take work off of your plate.

Save Money On Maid Services

What if you just can not stand cleaning or simply have no time. Let’s look at hiring a maid service, as cheaply as possible.

The first thing that you need to do is to make a list of what you want the maid to do for you. This will help them know what your expectations are. Next, you need to find out how much money you can afford to spend on a maid service. You should also think about how often you want them to come by and how many hours they should work each day.

The more specific your expectations, the easier it will be for the maid service to provide an accurate quote. Once you have your list, get at least three quotes and then compare them to choose the maid service with the best price that will deliver the services you need.

Picking A Good Maid Service

Maid services offer a variety of home cleaning services to clients. This includes housekeeping, laundry, and even carpet cleaning.

There are a lot of things that you should look for to make sure you have a quality company. One thing that is important is to see if the company has liability insurance in case anything should happen while they are working in your home. You should also check and verify reviews to make sure that the company has been consistently providing good service.

In short, do your due diligence and do not simply hire the first company that catches your eye.


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