Clothing with a steamer and no wrinkles.

Hacks To Get Wrinkles From Clothing Without An Iron

There is nothing worse than dealing with wrinkles. Ironing is a chore, and hard enough, but what if you have no iron? Here are several easy hacks that you can use to get wrinkles out of clothing without a steam iron.

There is almost always another way to accomplish a goal, and wrinkle removal is no exception. Take a look at some simple ways to accomplish this goal, even without an iron.

Simple Tips For Wrinkle Removal

Dryer Sheets

One simple solution to removing wrinkles without ironing is to use a dryer sheet. A dryer sheet is a fabric freshener that helps remove wrinkles from clothes and linens by making them static-free. It also reduces static cling on fabrics, which can lead to less lint on clothing and furniture.

There are many different types of dryer sheets available in the market, each with their own benefits. Dryer sheets are often scented with fragrance oils and can be used for fabric softening as well as for reducing static electricity.

A quick tumble on high heat with a dryer sheet, and most clothing will come out wrinkle free.


Clothing steamers use hot water and steam to remove wrinkles from any kind of fabric – cotton, wool, silk, linen, rayon and more. They work by loosening up the fibers in the fabric that cause it to wrinkle.

With a quality steamer, you can safely remove wrinkles from most fabrics in a matter of minutes. As a side benefit, a steamer will help to freshen the scent of your clothing and is usually gentler than a dryer.

A Shower

If you do not have a steamer on hand, you are not alone, but you are also not out of steam options. You have an enormous steamer in your home, in the shape of your shower.

Simply close off a small bathroom and put your shower on high heat. Within a few minutes, you should have a steamy room that can take on some of the toughest wrinkles.

Hair Dryers

Heat and air pressure can do wonders on removing wrinkles from clothing. If you want to speed up the process, you can also add a spray bottle with fresh water, distilled if you have it. Set it on a fine mist and lightly spray your clothes before drying them with the hair dryer. Start with low heat unless you know your clothing can handle it.

Preventing Wrinkles On Your Clothes

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, at least that is what they say.

You can prevent wrinkles by following these simple tips.

Hang your clothes up immediately after they are done in the dryer. The longer they sit, the more likely they will develop wrinkles.

Don’t overload your dryer with clothing. Doing so forces clothing to bunch u and can cause difficult to remove wrinkles.

Use a fabric softener. Fabric softeners help prevent static cling that can cause wrinkling of fabric.

Buy wrinkle resistant fabrics. There are many fabrics on the market that resist wrinkling and some pants tat even hold a crease with no wrinkling.

Take them off when lounging. If you are wearing dress clothes and intend to lounge for some time, change and hang up your formal clothing until you are ready to wear it again.

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