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Get In Shape On A Dime

Looking to get in shape but still want to be frugal? There are literally dozens of ways to exercise without breaking the bank. With the internet and vast amount of outdoor space that most people have access to, you have a lot of choices.

Take a look at some of the best ways to get in shape for cheap.

  1. Do Body Weight Strength Training
    A nice fancy weight lifting kit is great and many stores like Bandit Fitness even offer zero percent financing on these systems, but you do not necessarily need to go into debt to get into shape.
    There are a lot of body weight exercises that can get the job done. Pushups are the king of all body weight exercises, working your triceps and your chest. For your biceps and back, pullups are another great exercise. Then you have lunges and even squats to work your legs. You can do these with just your body weight or grab something heavy that you already have around the house.
  2. Go Walking Around The Park
    If you have a local park, just get out their and walk or run. All that is required is a decent pair of shoes which you likely have.
    Kick your walks up a notch by finding hilly areas to walk up. Hills will really get your calves involved so you can do a full leg toning with your cardio.
  3. Take Up Cycling
    This is another place where you can go into debt with companies like Finance Your Gear offering financing so that you can get professional grade gear. If your not in it to compete however, this is totally unnecessary.
    There are plenty of good bikes available for you on the used market. Check out Facebook Marketplace and you will likely see dozens of good bikes for $50 or less. Don’t forget a helmet.
  4. Find Free Exercise Programs
    The beauty of the internet is that you can find just about anything that you like for free, as long as you can put up with a few ads. Just browse YouTube and you can find hundreds of workouts waiting for you.
    Want your exercise programs on the big screen? Check out your local library for free DVD’s and Bluray disks.
  5. Hit The Stairs
    If you work in an office building, hit the stairs during lunch. Stair climbing is one of the best exercises because it works your heart and builds muscle in your legs.
    Not an office worker? Hit the local stadium and do some bleacher stair climbing.
  6. Mall Walk Yourself Into Shape
    Mall walking is still a big thing and it is something you should really consider. The big benefit here is that you can walk in a controlled environment. If you have wet, very cold or overly hot weather it might be just the thing for you.
    If you decide to take up mall walking, the best time is usually first thing int he morning right when they open. It is less busy and easier to get a good pace.
  7. Take Up Rollerblading
    Or skating if you like. A set of roller blades or skates can be had for 10 to 20 dollars. Then, all you need to do is get out their and sweat. If you hate to jog, you might find exercising on wheels a bit more entertaining and possibly easier on your joints.
  8. Build A Craigslist Gym
    Each year thousand and thousands of people try to get in shape and many of them ultimately quit. Hopefully you will have better luck.
    You can take advantage of these failures however by buying up all of that gently used exercise equipment on Craigslist. You can build a gym for pennies on the dollar.
  9. Join A Discount Gym
    If you absolutely must join a gym to get in shape, make it a discount one.
    The trend these days is to discount family fitness. There are a lot of these places popping up, usually in abandoned grocery store locations. For around 10 dollars a month, you can get a workout in.

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