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Fertility Gummies – Good Or Bad

For those who have a hard time taking regular pills, a gummy vitamin can be a lifesaver. Just a quick chew and you are done. It is an easy way to get in the nutrients that you need without all of the troubles that come with pills.

Having said that, are they the best choice when looking for a fertility vitamin? And, if they are, how do you choose a good one.

Choosing Good Fertility Gummies

There are three things that make a good gummy vitamin. You need good texture, good taste and, of course, good nutrition. Let;s show you one that stacks up.

Pink Stork Fertility Gummies

Pink Stork Gummies always review well and have all of the ingredients that you need in a gummy.

First, they are easy to chew. Unlike many gummies out there, you will not feel like you are chewing rubber. Additionally, they are not too soft. Nothing worse than a gummy that is so soft that it wants to melt in your mouth. The Pink Stork Fertility Gummy can be described as being just right in texture.

Next, you have the taste which has been described by many as like eating “candy”. It seems obvious that a gummy should taste like candy, but this can not be said for all manufacturers.

Finally, you have the nutrient content. All the ingredients that you need are in there like Vitamin B6, Folate, Niacin, etc.

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Fertility gummies from Pink Stork.
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Should You Take Fertility Gummies?

So, you have an example of a good gummy, but what is the verdict? Should you take gummy vitamins or stick with traditional pills or capsules? The answer, like a lot of answers, is it depends.

The Good

There are a lot of good benefits to fertility gummies.

They taste great.

The good gummies taste great, like candy. If you dread taking your medication, this can make it easy to get your daily vitamins in.

They are easy to stick with.

Taking vitamins is all about consistency. One day of taking them will get you nowhere, but after a few weeks or months, the benefits can be easy to see. Gummies are easy and they make it easier for you to get into a routine and stick with it.

They are easy to swallow.

Some people just have a gag reflex when it comes to swallowing pills, especially big fertility and prenatal vitamins. Gummies are super simple to chew up and get down.

The Bad

What about the bad side? Is there a reason not to take fertility gummies?

Nutrient levels can be off.

Gummy vitamins have often been shown to contain less vitamins than traditional pills. Are you getting exactly what you need? You might not with gummies. Compare the label on your gummy of choice with a fertility pill and see the difference.

They set off your sweet tooth.

If you are trying to cut out the sweets in your diet, a gummy might not be the best option. they offer you a little bit of candy and some might find it irresistible to sneak a little more.

Less nutrition gets through.

As soon as you start chewing a gummy, you start digesting it. By the time it makes it through your stomach, it is well broken down, so much in fact that you miss out on nutrients. The protection a capsule provides can help a vitamin make it into the intestines for better absorption.

So, What Is It?

So, what is the ultimate decision, should you take gummies or not?

If you absolutely can not take pills, absolutely. Take a fertility gummy like the one above and go on with the rest of your life. Just be sure to pay attention to the rest of your fertility nutrition. Eat good foods and stay away from the junk so that your body does not have to rely on the gummy as much.

For those of you who can tolerate pills, you should stick with them. You get more vitamins and they are much more likely to get into your system where they can do you some good.

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