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Choosing A Fertility Cookbook & Foods

A few good fertility cookbooks and a selection of foods that you should be focusing on when trying to get pregnant.

When you are trying to get pregnant, nutrition is a major piece of the puzzle. How can you expect your body to work correctly if you do not give it the nutrition that it needs. That means vitamins, nutrients, healthy fats and fuel.

Unfortunately, most of us do not know how to cook for health. This is why you need a great fertility cookbook and a list of ingredients to focus on. Let’s have a look.

Must Read Fertility Cookbooks

Let’s start with a couple good cookbooks that can help you fine tune your pregnancy diet.

1) It Starts With The Egg

This is our top choice because it is based on Mediterranean cuisine. This type of food is not only healthy, but is loaded with healthy fats which is one of the reasons that Mediterranean diets have been shown to help fertility.

The fertility cookbook contains 100 simple to make recipes including many healthy desserts. You can also get it in either paperback or as a Kindle download from Amazon.

A picture of a fertility cookbook.

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2) Essential Fertility Cookbook

This is a great choice if you want more than just recipes. It also gives you some foods to avoid and some common causes of infertility. Another perk is that is it available for just a few bucks on Kindle.

A picture of the Essential Fertility Cookbook.

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Must Eat Fertility Foods

Below are 15 of the best fertility foods that you should be eating during this time in your life. Add them to your fertility cookbook right away.

1) Seaweed

Seaweed flakes can be added to salad.

Seaweed is a fantastic source of natural iodine. It has been shown that an iodine deficiency can make it difficult to get pregnant. While it might not sound appetizing, seaweed is actually quite easy to add into your diet. As a busy SAHM, just pick up dried seaweed from Whole Foods and sprinkle it on top of your salad. It is that easy.

2) Salmon

Salmon that shold be purchased naturally caught.

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Salmon is a great anti-inflamatory. It is also a very good source of protein that is not as “heavy feeling” as other sources. If you like fish, take advantage of your pregnancy and have Salmon once or twice a week, just be sure to get wild caught Salmon to reduce the risk of eating excess Mercury.

3) Chicken

A piece of grilled chicken

Chicken is the king of all protein in that it is very dense and can be made dozens of different ways. It is also a source of B12. Make sure that chicken is cooked to 165 degrees and that the juices run clear.

4) Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds make a great fertility snack.

Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E which is great for increasing sperm count. They are not just good for men though. They are a great source of folate, selenium and Omega-6, so they are a good treat for both of you. Sprinkle shelled seeds on salad or add them to a trail mix.

In-shell sunflower seeds also make a great occupier if you are trying to give up vices in hopes of improving fertility. A handful of seeds can keep you occupied and your thoughts away from smoking or alcohol.

5) Greens

Kale which is a power fertility food.

Leafy greens are more important than ever when trying to get pregnant and during your pregnancy. The fiber will obviously help keep things going when they want to slow down. In addition, greens like Kale and Broccoli are rich in vitamins and other nutrients.


Oysters which can help you get pregnant.

This one is mainly for the guys. Oysters are rich in B12 and Zinc, both of which can increase sperm count. Pregnant women should completely eliminate raw oysters from their diet however.

7) Olive Oil

Olive oil in a pitcher.

Eating foods with anti-inflamatory effects is so very important when trying to conceive, which is why you should add olive oil to the list. It is oh so simple to add to your diet, just replace your usual cooking oil with it or add it to a salad.

Just remember that olive oil has a lower burn point than other oils, so cook at no higher than medium heat.

8) Pomegranate

Pomegranate, the legendary pregnancy fruit.

Because of the abundance of seeds, the Pomegranate earned mythical status as a fertility fruit. While it does not have magical properties, it is still very beneficial to fertility.

The Pomegranate is actually great for men trying to conceive. It is full of antioxidants and studies have shown it to help increase sperm motility.

9) Milk & Dairy Products

Dairy products for fertility

Remember, fat can be healthy during fertility, so be sure to go full fat and skip the skim. Studies have shown that women who consume full fat dairy products have a reduced chance of infertility.

10) Eggs

Eggs, one of the best all around sources of protein for fertility.

Besides being a terrific source of protein and cheap protein at that, eggs have many other benefits. They also contain iron, zinc, calcium and a slew of other nutrients. Boil them for a great snack that travels well.

11) Tomatoes

Tomatoes in a bunch.

Rich in antioxidants, tomatoes can help decrease cellular damage. Munching on grapefruit tomatoes is an easy way to add them into your diet.

12) Cow Liver

Liver, the best meat for fertility.

If you did not grow up eating it, this suggestion will raise some eyebrows, but it really is one of the best fertility foods.

For many, this is not the most appetizing food, but it is surely one of the most nutritious forms of meat on the planet. It is loaded with vitamin A, B12, and iron. If you are not a big fan, try adding it to a stir fry to bring in additional familiar flavors.

13) Pineapple

Pineapple slices may help you get pregnant.

Long touted as a miracle fertility fruit when it comes to pregnancy because of claims that it can help with implantation. This is more rumor than proven fact, but it does contain Bromelain which can reduce clotting and promote an anti-inflammatory state in your body. Is it magic, maybe, maybe not, but you should eat it.

14) Bananas

Bananas are an excellent fruit for fertility.

Bananas can help with fertility because they are rich in B6 and Potasium. This is both beneficial in improving sperm motility and egg quality. They are also very filling which can keep you away from the junk food.

15) Avocados

A sliced avocado.

Full of healthy fats, avocados may be high in calories, but they are the good kind, which makes them one of the best fertility foods. They also give you dietary fiber and folic acid, both things that you very much need if you are trying to increase fertility.

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