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Fast School Lunch Ideas

If your child takes their lunch to school every day, chances are that they are getting rather tired of finding a sandwich baggy in their lunch box. Still, for a busy mom, a sandwich is one of the easiest meals to throw together, but is it the only easy meal? Of course not. Here are some ideas for simple school lunches that you can throw together in no time.

1) Spaghetti O’s

This is always a kid favorite at home, but have you considered sending it along with your child? Probably not, mainly due to the fact that it needs to be heated before eating. The answer to that problem is an inexpensive thermos, available at websites like Amazon for around $5.

Once you have your thermos, simply heat up the Spaghetti O’s in your microwave for a minute, transfer them to the thermos and your child has a great school lunch, hot and ready to go. Couple it with a roll or some chips and a cookie for a complete meal.

The greatness with this option is that it opens your kid’s lunch up for all kinds of heated pastas. Regular spaghetti, canned mac and cheese, ravioli, beefaroni, etc. The list of potential lunches goes on and on, all due to the purchase of a thermos.

2) Uncrustables

Yes, this is technically a sandwich, but it is not the same thing as Turkey on white bread. It is an Uncrustable! Kids love food in different forms and this one checks off all of the boxes needed to intrigue them. Round sandwich, no crust, peanut butter and jelly.

Uncrustables also come in a variety of other flavors to keep their interest, some of which you might not expect. There are multiple jelly types, honey, chocolate and even a pepperoni version. Your kid might not like all of these choices, but you most certainly have options.

3) Lunchables

Sticking with the same theme as above, Lunchables are another great pre-made meal for your child. Starting at around a dollar a meal, it is both easy and affordable.

The great thing about this option is the range of meals to choose from. You have the traditional cracker style meals plus a number of other options like chicken nuggets and pizza. Kids love all of them, mainly because they get to be interactive in their meal. They can build it just the way they want it and that makes lunch more fun.

4) Sliders

No, this is not a sandwich, this is a slider. You know that sliders are much more interesting at restaurants than regular sandwiches. You can use this fact to make your kids love sandwiches again.

They key is to chose the bread wisely. You want to not skip on quality or cheap out. One great choice, that does not break the bank, is Hawaiian Rolls. Slider sized with great taste, but they do come in large packs. A large family of kids will eat them fast but you will need to freeze them if you have a single child. Luckily, they freeze and thaw well.

To the slider, just add a slice of lunch meat, a slice of cheese and you are all set. The bread is good enough that no mayo or mustard is really needed and your kids will devour them.

5) Wraps

Similar to sliders, this is another way to make sandwiches different again. Wraps are essentially sandwiches with tortillas substituted for regular loaf bread. To make them, simply lay a tortilla down, add cheese and/or meat and then roll them up. Tip, if your tortilla is a little hard, microwave it for 5 to 10 seconds before rolling.

You will be surprised at how simply moving a meal over to a tortilla will change things for your child. This meal also allows for infinite variety. Use any kind of meat or even make it really interesting with a spread like Nutella.

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