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Easily Forgotten Disney World Gear

Are you planning a trip to Disney? If so, you have probably spend months planning for your trip and think you have your ducks in a row. Think again. Here are five items that you likely forgot to pack for your trip.

Walt Disney World is a fun time for families, there is no doubt about that. You have to be prepared however, because life at the park can be chaotic. Packing carefully is crucially important, but there are some things that are very easily forgotten. Take a look at five such items and take note, unless you want to be Ubering to the nearest Orlando Walmart of course.


It rains in Florida, a lot. If you will be in Orlando over the Summer months, you can count on an afternoon shower or thunderstorm nearly every day. Don’t worry, they are usually very short lived, but some of them can be heavy.

Given the almost certainty of rain in Central Florida, it is shocking to see how many people visit the park without a poncho. By doing so, you force yourself to huddle under cover with hundreds of other people while the storm passes. Meanwhile, those who are prepared will be able to simply put on their poncho and go about their business.

Park time is valuable time, so do not waste it by not being prepared. Bring a disposable poncho for each member of your family. They only cost a few bucks and take up virtually no room in the bag.

Warm Clothing

The sunshine state is not always as warm as you might think. If you are traveling to Disney during the Winter or early Spring, you might just see some cool weather. Cool is a relative thing for Floridians, but the low 50’s and high 40s are not uncommon. That might not sound like a lot, but when coupled with wind and the wide open spaces of the park, it can get quite uncomfortable

When packing for your Disney vacation, be sure to check the weather carefully. If there is even a slight chance for cool weather, bring something warm with you. This means a sweat shirt, gloves and hat. When you are waiting in line with the wind whipping, you will be so grateful to have them.


The Florida sun is vicious and you do not want your vacation ruined by a Day 1 sunburn. It is a pretty well known fact that the sun will be intense, but so many people still forget to pack the sunblock.

No problem you say, I can just pick some up at the park. Well, believe it or not sunblock is not as easy to find as you might think at Disney, so bring your own. Also, skip the spray can and bring the lotion. Lotion is less intrusive for nearby people in the crowded theme park and it lasts much longer.

Portable Chargers

A portable charger or backup cell phone battery will be your best friend at Disney World, even if you have a newer phone. With all of the pictures, videos and social media sharing, your phone will be working overtime. It will never last the entire day and like most parents, you will be lost without your phone.

Make sure that you bring a rechargeable backup battery for each phone in your party. That way your phone keeps running so you can continue to use it for park directions, lightening passes, etc.

Portable Storage

If you have a family, there is no such thing as traveling light at Disney. You will have to bring snacks, water bottles, band aids, lotion, sunblock, extra clothing, ponchos and dozens of other things with you. Also, you never know when you are going to need any of this stuff, so you will have to bring it all with you, all of the time.

A well designed and expandable backpack will be a very handy thing. Choose one with plenty of pockets and grab some carabiner hooks to use for all the gear you need quicker access too.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, five things to add to your packing list. Five things that are often forgotten but almost always needed.

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