Selling stuff at a garage sale.

Don’t Trash It, Sell It

When it comes time to do some Spring cleaning, we often get carried away and start tossing stuff left and right. Those closets have to be cleared at all costs, right.

The problem is that some of that stuff still has value. What is junk right now could be cold hard cash in your pocket with minimal effort. All of the things you toss like old clothing, shoes, toys, small appliances and more all have value.

Even if you might only get $10 or $5 for something does not make the effort worthless. In the aggregate, it can add up to hundreds of dollars.

Ready to get your money? Here is where you can sell your stuff.

Facebook Marketplace

This is most definitely my favorite place to sell. It is like Craigslist used to be before it became overrun with overseas scammers, “No I will not take a cashiers check and ship you my old toaster.”

You can sell pretty much anything on Facebook and be fairly certain that you are dealing with a real person. Still, you should take all of the normal precautions such as meeting in a crowded place in the daytime and only taking cold hard cash.

The trick to selling on Facebook is being available. You should have messenger on your phone and respond to people quickly. People get sidetracked and move on quickly to the next shiny thing.

In addition, you have to be really descriptive. You are trying to enter as many keywords as you can, so a long title and a long description are key.

Finally, you are marketing your goods here so you want to reach as many people as possible. If you are selling a used charcoal grill, for example, you obviously want to target those looking for one. You also might want to target those looking for patio furniture who might pick up a grill on a whim. In this case, you would want to include the words “patio furniture” to get the traffic.


Yes, Craigslist is much more difficult to work with, but not everyone uses Facebook. Craigslist still has a huge amount of traffic that you can work with, you just need to keep your guard up. So, if your item does not sell in a week on Facebook, list it on Craigslist.

The same rules apply about using a long title and description. If you are selling used kids clothes, you need as many keywords as you can. This might mean including the words clothes, clothing, baby, kid, toddler, child, etc, etc. The more time you take leaving a good description, the faster your stuff will sale.

When you make the sale, meet at a secure location in the daytime. I like Walmart because they have great security cameras. Only take cash,never accept a money order or check.


If you are getting rid of an old phone or smart device, it is hard to beat Gazelle. They give you an offer and if you accept it, they pay for you to ship it to them. Easy as can be.

Noe, yes they resell the device so they are a middle man. That means that you could probably get more for your device by selling it yourself.

Trying to sell a device is a real pain though and it usually means eBay. This leaves you wide open to being scammed. If a buyer disputes something or if your device is damaged during shipment, you very well could end up being out of money.

My opinion, take a little less with Gazelle and save yourself some headaches.


Honestly I hate selling on eBay. I just mentioned one of the problems above.

Another issue with eBay is that you have to deal with shipping. Yes, you must ship with Gazelle, but they pay for shipping and send you a label. With eBay, you have to handle all of the shipping and you could very well misquote the shipping costs. This can eat into your profit.

In addition, you have the 10 percent fee that eBay charges you. Lots of little things chipping away at your profit.

All that being said, eBay gives you the biggest market on earth, so if you can not sell it local, turn to eBay.


If after running through all of these resources, you still can not sell your stuff, it is time to think about making a donation. The Salvation Army or Goodwill will be more than happy to take your items and sell them for charity. Better to do a good thing than to simply throw your stuff in the trash.

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