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Best Way To Get Your Kids To Help With Chores

Are you tired of being a slave to your child? If so, it might be time to start having your child take on some chores. It can be a tough thing, especially for a child that is used to being basically waited on. Still, it must be done, so let’s take a look at how to get your child to do their part around the home.

If you’re struggling to get your kids to help with chores, this article should help.

The best way to get your kids to help with chores is by incorporating them into their daily routine. For example, if you want them to clean their room, make sure they know that it’s part of their bedtime routine. If you want them to do the dishes, make it a part of the after-dinner routine. If you want them to help with laundry, have them fold clothes as soon as they’re done playing video games or watching TV.

Making chores a part of an existing activity, will make it easier for your child to adapt. Make no mistake about it, going from being waited on to having responsibilities is something that they will have to adapt to.

Ways Parents Can Help Their Children With Chores

Chores are not always easy for children to do. Sometimes, they don’t want to do them and sometimes, they just don’t know how. Parents can help their children with chores by giving them some helpful tips and a little help in the beginning.

Here are some things that you should do while your child is learning to pitch in.

1) Set a routine for your children and stick to it.

Children will be more likely to do the tasks if they know what’s expected of them on a daily basis. You should not, out of the blue, tell them to do the laundry or clean their room. Instead, make it something they do at a set time every week or every day.

2) Give your children guidance and structure.

You can not hope to get your child to do chores if you can not give them clear instructions. Have designated place where they can put their clothes, toys or books. If laundry is their new chore, be organized with where you store dirty clothes and have a table to be used for folding. If there is a chore you want them to do, make sure you can define every step of the process. Kids aren’t great at winging it.

3) Let your child have a choice.

If there are certain chores that need to be done, allow them to pick the ones they want to do. If it is between doing the laundry or the dishes, let them make a choice. This empowers them and gives them a bit of control that should make them resent chores less.

4) Go slowly.

Responsibilities are a big thing that your child will have to adjust to. The last thing that you want to do is add a bunch of chores out of the blue. Instead, ease them into it by adding one small chore at a time. Instead of having them do the laundry right away, start with walking the family dog. Going slow will give them time to adjust and they are less likely to revolt.

Working Together On Household Chores

Switching from the free and easy life to one that involves chores may bot be easy for all kids. Here are some ways that you can ease the transition.

Establishing a routine.

Kids thrive on routines. If there is something that is done every day, at the same time, they are less likely to fuss about it. Make chores normal.

Making chores fun.

Just because it is a chore does not mean that it has to be boring. Try to turn their chores into a game in any way possible. This could be anything from having a race to playing goofy music.

Keep it reasonable.

Having the kids help out around the house is great, but don’t get carried away. Your children still need to have free time to have fun, study and socialize. Them becoming chore age is not an excuse to hand over all of the work to them.

What Age Should Kids Start Doing Chores?

The age that kids should start doing chores is a controversial topic. Some parents feel that children should start doing chores from an early age. Others believe that it is not necessary for children to do household chores until they reach become a bit more mature. Still others may never have their children take on chores.

There is not right or wrong when it comes to the age to do chores. It is a decision that you should make based on your feelings and the ability of your child.

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