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Are Warehouse Clubs Worth It?

Warehouse or discount clubs have been all the rage for decades now, but are they worth it? Is it really worth the cost of admission for the right to buy a years worth of toilet paper at a time? Maybe and maybe not. Have a look at some of the benefits to warehouse club membership and then decide for yourself.

Warehouse clubs really are a great budget tool that should be taken advantage of. Even a single person can reap huge benefits because of the buying power possessed by these clubs. Families, will see even more savings. Here are just a few of the things that you can save on with a membership.

1) Food

Obviously, you can save a lot of money on food. This is the chief reason that people initially buy memberships to clubs like this. But what food can you save on? The short answer is all of it, but there may be some categories that you want to pass on at the discount club.

When purchasing food, concentrate on the non perishables. Kids snacks, canned foods and dry goods like beans or rice are perfect choices. These are things that you can buy for massive discounts in bulk and that will not go bad any time soon.

One should be very cautious with items like meat, dairy and produce. Unless you have a very large family, you might end up taking a loss on buying these things in bulk. The spoilage rate is just too fast, so stick to the non perishable foods and pay attention to your meal planning.

2) Fuel

This is probably the second biggest reason that people give for wanting a warehouse membership. Those cheap gas prices advertised on the sign are just too tempting. Even if it is only a few cents, people are serious about saving money on gasoline. There is an emotional connection.

If your warehouse club has a gas station, fuel savings will not be considerable, but they should be enough to pay for the annual membership cost. Save just 5 to 10 cents a gallon and put an extra 50 to 100 dollars a year back in your pocket, and this is the cost of most memberships.

3) Alcohol

We shouldn’t talk about drinking right after fueling up to drive, but here it is. Alcohol savings are another big benefit to membership.

If you drink, especially wine, you know that the cost can get crazy. A warehouse membership can allow you to save money on this expense and may even expose you to brands that you are unaware of. This is because many clubs have beer, wine and liquor selections that rival some of the biggest chain stores that are focused exclusively on alcohol. Some even have standalone liquor stores attached to their main buildings.

For those that like to imbibe, you should consider the savings when deciding to join a warehouse club.

4) Tires

This one is debatable, but why not throw it out there. Tires can be expensive, especially if you intend to buy high end tires or have very low profile wheels. If you like quality tires, then you might in fact see some savings at the warehouse store. Stores often come with free perks as well. Free services like free rotations or flat repairs.

Having said all of that, if you like discount tires, you will do better elsewhere. Even the warehouse clubs can not compete with tire only stores like Discount Tire or NTB.

5) Gifts

Gifts are a great item to shop for at discount and warehouse clubs, especially around the holiday season. During certain times of year, these clubs will use their purchasing power to score great deals on some of the most popular gift items, especially the toys that make the holidays so expensive with kids.

This is nice for a couple of reasons. Obviously, it will save you money over what you would pay at other stores, that is the top reason. But, there is another advantage for the indecisive among you. If you have no idea what to get someone for a gift, the warehouse store will tell you. Just take a trip down the center isle and you will come up with a great gift.

6) Travel

Travel has always been expensive and those pandemic deals are starting to dry up. With the world slowly getting back to normal, if you want to travel on the cheap, then warehouse clubs can help you do it.

Clubs can get you huge deals on travel packages because they leverage their buying power. That Cancun resort would love to sell you a room, but they would love even more to sell 1000 people rooms. Warehouse clubs can bring you together with other buyers to help you get the most for your money. You just have to be flexible, knowing that they are not going to have deals to every destination.

If you are planning on traveling to a major destination however, the club should have you covered.

7) New Vehicles

Finally, take a look at one often overlooked discount, discounts on a vehicle purchase. In fact, many of you might be shocked that this even exists.

Warehouse clubs are very much worth it if they give you discounts on new vehicles. How do they do it? By negotiating rebates with manufacturers. If offered, most are on the order of $500 to $1500, depending on the popularity of a vehicle. The more popular it is, the less the rebate.

Scoring a discount on a new vehicle purchase can easily pay for the cost of your membership for 10 years or more, making every other savings just gravy.

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