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5 Vacations You Must Take Your Kid On

Looking to take your child on a vacation? Want to make it memorable? Take a look at 5 destinations that every child should visit at some time during their youth. Some of our choices might surprise you.

Without further delay, here are five interesting places that every kid should get a chance to explore.

1) The Beach

Every kid needs to go to the beach at some point in their life. There is something magical about staring out at the empty vastness of the ocean and it makes you realize just how magical the world is.

When it comes time to choose a beach vacation, remember that not all beaches are created equally. Do your research and pick ones that are more kid friendly without all of the bars and rowdy crowds. You can usually find calm beaches withing driving distance of the more touristy and rowdy locations.


A short term rental may be a better option than a hotel room for a beach vacation. They typically have more room, the amenities of home and many will have direct beach access, all for the same price as a nice hotel.

2) Vegas

It might seem hard to believe that we are recommending Las Vegas for a child, but the city really does have many things to offer the family. The bright lights of the strip can be just as fascinating for a child and there are plenty of shows and dining to make your trip memorable, without even stepping inside a casino.

Once you are done with the strip and all it has to offer, check out the great state parks within driving distance. The Hoover dam is a must see, as are the geological features of Red Rock Canyon. There are lots of great photo ops in the Vegas area, so bring a good camera.


Although you can easily Uber to a hotel on the strip, a rental car comes in handy with a family if you want to venture out of the city.

3) Camping

Time spent camping will always pay big dividends in the form of lasting memories. When childhood is over, these are the things that kids remember long term.

When selecting a campsite, do your research and make your reservation early. Not all campsites are created equally and the good ones will book up months in advance.


Not an outdoorsy person? Consider glamping instead by renting a camper or decked out cabin in the woods. You get much of the same memories as tent camping without sleeping in the dirt.

4) Walt Disney World

Every kid dreams of going to Disney and if you can make it happen, you should. Even if you hate theme parks and commercialism, this is a must visit destination.

Disney is crowded, overpriced and will wear you out in short order. All that being said, your kid will love it and it will create memories that last a lifetime. If nothing else, the kids need to go and visit the main park, Magic Kingdom. This is the park with the most to do and it is the one that is most “child oriented” with no alcohol sales and the most characters. If you have time for the other three parks, visit them, but at least spend a day at Magic Kingdom.


Staying at a Disney resort is expensive and overrated. Sure, you can take buses directly to the parks, but that involves waiting in long lines and lengthy trips with multiple stops. In all honesty, self parking at the individual parks is easier than dealing with the buses and off property hotels are much cheaper.

5) The Big City

Which big city? Any big city.

There is something awe inspiring about a big metro area and all the amenities that it has to offer. If you live in a small town, you should give your child the opportunity to experience it. So, if you live near New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia or even Dallas, go for a visit. While you are there, be sure to take in some amenities that you might not have at home, such as a large zoo or science museum.


If you already live in a big city, take a stay-cation and experience your city as a tourist.

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