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5 Home Improvement Projects

Got some extra time on your hand? Want to make a measurable difference to your home? Take a look at 5 great home improvement projects that are within the scope of any mom. Best of all, these projects are cheap and make a huge impact.

Want proof that cheap home improvement projects can make a huge difference? Read on and see for yourself.

Project 1: Carpet Cleaning

If you have wall to wall carpet in your home, you know what a challenge it can be to keep it clean and smelling good. This is especially true if you have pets and/or kids running around. Luckily, carpet is not as hard to clean as you might think.

The answer is located at your local grocery store, in the form of a rental carpet cleaning unit. Yes, these do wok well but you will need to follow a few rules.

For starters, do not try to clean too many rooms. These machines are slow, so stick to 1 or 2 rooms at a time. This will give you the time to do things correctly.

Next, be sure to make extra rinsing passes with plain water. Directions on these machines generally tell you to only make detergent passes, but that will leave too much residue in your carpet. So, be sure to make an extra rinsing pass with just water and several dry passes to remove as much moisture as you can.

Project 2: Painting A Room

Painting has always been a cheap project that produces big results. Just like with carpet cleaning however, you should start out small. Make your project one room only, because it will give you time for the most important step, prep work.

The key to successful painting is to do extensive prep before a brush hits the wall. That means make all wall or texture repairs, tape off trim and walls not being used and cover all surfaces in danger of drips. All in all, half of your time should be spent on preparing to paint.

Once your prep is done, all that is needed to ensure success is quality paint and a bit of patience. Most walls will require multiple coats when changing colors, so keep that in mind when planning project time and paint needs.

Project 3: Light Fixtures

Many moms get discouraged from electrical work, but simple projects like this could not be easier. You should of course read the product directions first, but in general, it is only hooking up three wires.

The great thing about lighting is that it is super cheap. For as little as ten or twenty dollars, you can purchase and install a light that can change the entire look of a room.

For the most bang for the buck, check the clearance aisle and second hand home improvement stores. Also, keep in mind that going bold can do wonders. Do not be afraid to choose a modern design or one that features bright art glass.

Project 4: Cheap Art

You might be surprised at what a little art can do for a home, even cheap art.

If you want to take on this project, all that you need is a hammer, some nails and of course the art itself.

Finding the art is the tricky part, but prints for well under 10 dollars a piece are relatively easy to find. To locate them shop discount home stores, thrift shops, or buy it used from a garage sale. You might be surprised at what you can find for just a few dollars.

When hanging the pieces, try to keep your rooms on theme and spend some time making sure everything is level. Since most of your art will be of different sizes, hang your pieces so that the top of the art is level as you look around a room. That will make everything seem cohesive.

Project 5: Landscaping

Finally, there is landscaping, which will always work wonders for a home. You might not think you have a green thumb, but yard work is far easier than you probably imagine. Besides, plants are cheap so if one dies, just buy another and keep doing so until you get the hang of things.

Oddly enough, one of the easiest projects to take on in landscaping is seemingly the toughest. Planting a tree is simply a matter of digging a big enough hole and filling it with a tree. Smaller trees do not even need to be staked down.

When choosing plants for your yard, try to come up with a general theme or style so that everything fits in together. You wouldn’t want a Cactus next to a tropical Elephant Ear for example, so have a basic idea in mind.

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