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$100 A Week Daycare

Does $100 a week daycare really exist. With rising expenses, lots of parents are looking for it, but are probably not going to find it. Here is what you need to know about finding inexpensive daycare.

First and foremost, we need to get the main question out of the way. Can you find $100 a week daycare? The answer is, probably not.

This is probably not the answer that you want to hear, but it is the true one. With rising costs and a workforce that is reluctant to go back to work, daycares will continue to be pricey and that price will never come down.

All that being said, there may be ways for you to save on your weekly daycare cost. Keep reading and we will discuss the issue.

What Does The Average Week Of Daycare Cost?

The average cost of daycare is a difficult question to answer. The cost varies depending on the type of daycare, location, number of children in care, and the age of the child.

If you are looking for an estimate for the average cost, it would be around $10,000 per year. That is roughly $200 a week, far greater than the $100 a week daycare that you are looking for. Unfortunately, this is an amount that can put a huge strain on the budget of the average working family. But, there are ways that you can potentially lower these costs.

How To Reduce Your Daycare Costs

Child care is expensive and it’s not getting any cheaper. The average cost of daycare ranges from $6,000 to $18,000 per year. This expense can be hard for families to afford. Parents are looking for ways to reduce their daycare costs without compromising the quality of care their child receives. Here are some possible ways to save.

Join A Church

One of the services that many churches offer is discounted daycare. It might not be $100 a week daycare, but it is likely much less than what a commercial daycare would charge. An added benefit is that you are assured of having a daycare that suits your values.

Split The Week

If you can arrange your schedule to allow for part time daycare, you can essentially cut your costs in half. This could be achieved by offering to work longer days or by rotating off days with your significant other.

Work With Friends/Family

The absolute best solution would be to have a friend or family member that could watch your child. Ideally this would be free or very cheap daycare.

Work Remote

The trend these days is to work remote and that has a huge benefit, no need for daycare. If the costs of daycare are getting to you, consider looking for a job that offers remote working.

Find An Employer Daycare

Companies are having a hard time these days finding employees and to attract them, many are offering more perks than ever. One of these is on site daycare. If you can find it, would be essentially free and you have the added benefit of your child being near you at all times.

Shop Around

The difference in costs between different daycare facilities can be dramatic. One easy way to save is to simply comparison shop. Just spending a few hours on the phone could potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year in daycare charges.

Ask For A Sibling Discount

Many daycare facilities offer multiple child discounts, but they may not immediately offer them. Ask for the availability of multi child and any other discounts when you are price shopping.

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